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Latest Projects

Yii RBAC in India

Framework Yii RBAC India, Yii is Professional, Fast and Highly Secure PHP Framework. It is High performing framework which suits best for web 2.0 applications. Yii RBAC, Yii follows the MVC pattern, which helps to build application which has clear separation of logic and presentation.

Yii2 is Latest version of Yii Framework, which is complete re-write of Yii1. Although Yii RBAC, Yii is very advanced, but it still holds same spirit of being Simple, Fast and High extensible Yii RBAC India.

So Does, Yii RBAC, Yii is suits your project requirement? Of-course Yes !!, Yii is best for any project of any size and requirement. Yii RBAC, Our Company offers full control over its configurations and those can be modified for any requirements. Yii RBAC, Yii is a generic framework, which offers functionality like Caching, Yii RBAC Friendly Url Manager, Security, RESTFul Web Services, Testing, Debugging etc out of the box.

With Functionalities like this, Yii RBAC India, Yii is Suitable for Any kind of website I.e it can be Blog, Web Portals, Ecommerce, Social Networks, forums with capability of handling large number of traffic Yii RBAC India.


Advantages of Yii framework Development Company India for Web Applications India

  • Yii RBAC India
  • AJAX-enabled widgets available.
  • Develop web portals, create e-commerce websites as well as AJAX shopping cart applications.
  • Errors can be easily handled.
  • High security checks from any kind of attacks and thefts, including cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, cookie tampering, cross-site request forgery (CSRF), Yii RBAC Indiaetc.
  • In-built authentication support as well as consent via hierarchical role-based access control (RBAC).
  • Log messages can be easily filtered, categorized as well as routed to diverse destinations. Yii RBAC
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern for rapid development.
  • The layered caching scheme supports data caching, fragment caching, page caching and dynamic content.
  • Theming and Skinning mechanism to rapidly switch the viewpoint of a Yii-power website.
  • The user can avoid the complexities of writing repetitive SQL statements.
  • Validates and various helper methods as well as widgets are available to make the tasks easier for form input along with validation.

Features of the Yii framework Development for Web Applications India

  • It offers full support for writing and running unit tests along with functionality tests that are based on the Selenium and PHP Unit.
  • It permits the rapid generation of code for CRUD and form input via GII Tool.
  • Highly Plugable, can use any third-party code via composer or direct install.
  • Date and time formatting, message translation, interface localization and number formatting and other user utitility functions are natively supported.


PHP Yii framework development India Is Ideal For:

  • Fast and Speedy Website with elegant design and out of the box supported cache.
  • Yii RBAC High Traffic Websites.
  • Custom website portal of any kind like, Yii RBACSchools, Resturants, Hotels, NGOs, Corporate, Business India etc.
  • Highly modular and complex designed website models.
  • Yii RBAC For increased productivity and smooth workflow.


Our Services

Yii RBAC Easy configuration India

Yii RBAC  Yii is easy configure. Almost each component of the Yii RBAC can be configured and Updated according to our requirement India.

Inbuilt security features

Yii RBAC India, Yii has full set for inbuilt securities. Authentication requests, Password Hash, Prevention against SQL Injection, Prevention against XSS, Prevention against CSRF are some of the best security features of Yii RBAC.

Yii Best caching features

Yii RBAC, Yii has best in class Caching features. Yii RBAC supports Data Cache, Fragment Cache, Page Cache and Http Cache out of the box India

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